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DataSource Utility: Examples

The DataSource Utility provides a common configurable interface for other components to fetch tabular data from a variety of local or remote sources.

  • DataSource.Local: The Local DataSource manages retrieval of in-page data, from JavaScript arrays and objects to DOM elements.
  • DataSource.Get: The Get DataSource, which manages retrieval of data from remote sources via the Get Utility, can be useful for accessing data from cross-domain servers without the need for a proxy.
  • DataSource.IO: The IO DataSource manages retrieval of data from remote sources, via the IO Utility.
  • DataSource.Function: The Function DataSource, which manages retrieval of data from a JavaScript function, provides a highly customizeable mechanism for implementer-defined data retrieval algorithms
  • DataSource with Caching: Use the DataSourceCache plugin to enable caching and reduce server calls to remote sources.
  • DataSource with Polling: Use the Pollable extension to enable polling in your DataSource.

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