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Animation: Examples

The Animation Utility allows properties to animate the transition between values.

  • Basic Animation: Creating and using a simple animation.
  • Animation Easing: The Animation Utility allows you to implement 'easing effects' — for example, when an animation gradually slows down as it nears completion, that's an easing effect known as 'ease-in'. This example shows you how to use easing effects with your animations.
  • Animating Colors: Color animations can be effective indicators of state during the lifespan of a dynamic page. This example shows you how to animate color attributes of an element.
  • Alternating Iterations: The direction attribute can be used to reverse the animation on alternate iterations.
  • Animating XY Position: This example shows you how to animate the xy coordinates of an element.
  • Animating Along a Curved Path: This example demonstrates animating an element along a curved path using bezier control points.
  • Animated Scrolling: This example shows how to animate the scrolling of an element.
  • Reversing an Animation: The reverse attribute allows you to change the run direction of an animation.
  • Using the End Event: This example demonstrates how to use the end event.
  • Chaining Animations Using the end Event: Animations can be chained (set to fire sequentially) using Animation's end event.

Examples That Make Use of Animation

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